Anderson Senior Center

The Anderson Senior Center invited me to come speak on Friday, May 18th.

As described in their publication, Senior Lifestyle, I discussed a little bit about what was involved in the various stages of the book project: research, writing, and recipes. I also provided a brief look at what downtown Cincinnati used to be like and offered snapshots into the history of the six tearooms highlighted in the book. The talk concluded with mouth-watering photographs of some tearoom menu items.

While I was setting up, a woman named Michelle introduced herself and asked if I had been in the Tri-Delta sorority – she had recognized my name from the list of members she’d recently seen while preparing for the sorority’s celebration – the Zeta chapter turned 126 years old on May 23rd!

After the presentation, we spoke about The Woman’s Exchange – one of the tearooms in my book – and how the concept of that organization was very interesting. She had never heard about it before. My thought is that the premise could be successful again if re-imagined in a sustaining location.

Michelle also provided this photo – I’m glad she was in the audience that day!


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