Green Township Historical Association

On Tuesday, May 15th, I gave a Lost Tea Rooms presentation at the Nathanael Greene Lodge. The Green Township Historical Association is a very friendly organization, and both female and male members attended my presentation. I was able to visit with the attendees both before and after my talk.

While speaking with one group, I found out we had some acquaintances in common – Bev Mussari of the Gazebo Tea Garden being one of them.

During my presentation, I mentioned something that had happened to me in the 1970s – related to wearing pants and not a dress or skirt – and afterwards a woman came up to tell me that while working in Mt. Adams she had witnessed the same thing happen to actress Patty Duke while visiting Cincinnati. Yeah for fashion rebels!

Paul Ruffing, the president, wrote to let me know that he’d heard lots of nice comments after the meeting about my “wonderful presentation” – I’m so glad they enjoyed it!

And thanks to Marsha Hon for taking a photo to document the event.



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