Back to Seasons – but with a “new” topic

The Seasons Retirement Community invited me back on May 24th, but for a change of pace, this time to speak about Virginia Bakery Remembered.

There was a large show of hands when I asked if anyone remembered the bakery that had been located on Ludlow Avenue in Clifton, and even those who had never been there let me know they had heard about the famous schnecken. Several were surprised to hear that the recipe was in the book!

As they listened to the local history and description of what it was like to be a part of the bakery’s story, the audience members enjoyed Papa Thie’s Butterscotch Gems. Luckily Jill James, the Resident Program Director, saved some for me too — what a treat!

After my talk, a few people came up to speak to me because they had their own stories to share. One lady who had been a choir member in a nearby church, fondly remembered that every Sunday there was an array of baked goods from Virginia Bakery available after the service.

Hopefully those who bought copies of Virginia Bakery Remembered are going to benefit from the (over seventy) wonderful recipes that are included in the book!

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