Evergreen Retirement Community

It was a beautiful evening on May 13th when I went to the Evergreen Retirement Community to speak with the residents.

As happens at different engagements, I saw people that I haven’t seen for years. On this occasion, I got to visit with Dr. Rae Hartman, a longtime friend of my husband’s family, and Marilyn Collins, a lady I’ve known over the years from my daughters’ school, who made a special effort to be at my presentation. As a matter of fact, she offered to help with book sales and took this photo.

I enjoy questions and comments after the talks. One man shared that before I came, he had been recalling the times he’s gone to some of the tearooms – yes, men did go to tearooms; some attracted them more than others – and he confirmed that all the information I had shared about the McAlpin’s restaurant had been correct. It was indeed enjoyed by businessmen who wanted a good meal and quick service.

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