Luncheon at McAlpin’s

It wasn’t exactly time travel, but on July 9th I got to have luncheon at McAlpin’s!

Let me explain — a couple of months ago, I received a very nice note in the mail.  Jay Joyce wrote to tell me that he’d come across my tearoom book in the Taft Museum gift shop, and as a condo owner in the former McAlpin’s department store, he had enjoyed reading the section on their Tea Room.

Although he and his wife, Shirley, had grown up in the Philadelphia area, he shared that for all the references to Pogue’s, McAlpin’s, Shillito’s and more, he could easily substitute similar stories for John Wanamaker’s, Strawbridges and other classic Philadelphia-area stores.

After thanking me for a well-researched and illustrated history, he added an invitation to see what McAlpin’s now looks like in its current makeover.  I accepted the kind invitation, and was even more pleasantly surprised when the invitation included a wonderful luncheon, one that was worthy of the popular and well-loved tearoom that was located in close proximity to their dining room.

What a treat!  My book has led to some very interesting acquaintances and meals.

Check out this great old advertisement. This promotional piece appeared on page 10 of the Cincinnati Enquirer on November 26, 1945.

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