Photo by Lindsay Miklos

Cynthia Kuhn Beischel grew up in Cincinnati and enjoyed the special trips downtown to shop and enjoy afternoon luncheons in the tea rooms, first with her mother, sister and grandmother, and later with high school and college friends. Recalling those occasions, in conjunction with taste-testing all the retro recipes, made this writing endeavor a very enjoyable experience.

Her previously published work includes Virginia Bakery Remembered, another history/cookbook about an iconic five-generation German bakery in Cincinnati, Discover the Past, a storybook about Cincinnati history that encourages children and their families to enjoy learning about the past, and From Eulogy to Joy, a heartfelt anthology that explores the grieving process.

Beischel’s educational background includes a bachelor of science in design from the University of Cincinnati and a master’s degree in Montessori education from Xavier University. She resides with her two dogs in a quiet village north of Cincinnati, Ohio.

When not doing research or working on her writing, Beischel spends time as an active volunteer for her community’s library, enjoys going out to eat and attending events with friends, is constantly attempting to keep her house in order, and takes delight in traveling to see her grandchildren.